Night life…

In the night are born Gamers, are born players, are born haters, are born lovers, are born watchers, Still it’s called the devil’s night… We are there in the dark a little faded, a little alone, a little more OF OURSELVES…. Our own little reality In our phones and computers and games The devil’s time […]

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via Daily Prompt: Outlier I am at an old age they say that I am trapped in a cage they say that I should move on they say my house is outlier and unproductive they are going to sell it how can they say that they grew up there they are my kids…. There were […]


We all are champions!

via Daily Prompt: Champion we all are champions there is no one who’s not. It is said that you cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb if you cannot fly run, if you cannot run walk, if you cannot walk crawl, if you cannot crawl swing with your arms if you cannot swing […]

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Happy Memories Don’t die…..

via Daily Prompt: Minimal By Krish Chadha What do you require for happiness? Parties, shopping, money NOOOO! you require minimal things like some sweet music a friend and coffee. Remember the things like your dad feeling proud of you, your mom giving you rewards for your victories…. things like singing songs, playing pranks on people […]

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Nature is beautiful….

In the forest of my mind, I can feel, the sweet sound of birds, the anger in the roar of animals, the heat in the hissing of snakes, the rustling of leaves, and the wind gently blowing over my face. Nature consists, Day and Night. I prefer day, as it shows me the way. But […]

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No More….

Label Our forefathers just earned for a living, They did no unbecoming, They couldn’t forsee, And we got labelled , We used to suffer, But no more, Now we are tougher, So what if nobody helps us, So what if nobody supports us, We together shall tear apart, This fallacious label of, ‘THE UNTOUCHABLES’ -Krish […]

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