Smile takes a moment,
its memories last forever.

You can neither buy it,
nor sell it.
You can neither borrow it,
nor steal it.

It isn’t good till,
you share it.

It is not absence of problems but,
a solution to deal with them.

Always have a smile,
not because there are lots of reasons to it,
but because smile is for all seasons.

Smile not only for yourself,
but also for everyone who love you.

Smile should be shared,
smile should be lend
to all whom you love and
for all whom you care.

It is a medicine,
have it.
It is pleasure,
feel it.
It is a moment,
grab it.

Smile is the first wonder,
the only wonder,
Which needs no engineering,
which hires no architects,
which needs no science
it just needs you and me.

By Krish Chadha


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