Happy Memories Don’t die…..

via Daily Prompt: Minimal

By Krish Chadha

What do you require for happiness? Parties, shopping, money NOOOO! you require minimal things like some sweet music a friend and coffee.
Remember the things like your dad feeling proud of you, your mom giving you rewards for your victories….
things like singing songs, playing pranks on people and saving your best buddies..
Or reading books, watching movies with your bro….
playing dumb cherads, antakshari and what not with friends and family….
Don’t these thing remind you that you are alive, you have lived happy moments and will continue to live them forever. These Little Little memories are enough for being happy aren’t they. These memories are in your heart not in your mind. Mind is the criminal for making you forget things but heart does not let you forget them. They are stored in there forever….You cant forget these even if you want…. Try it…Can you?



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